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ciety with itslarge membership, thusincreas- '*^^* *''^ originator of the misdemeanor

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ing the wholesomeness of the meat of cattle affected with this

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to, the general principles adopted were — 1st, to improve and main-

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belief that the disease may be developed b}- exposure of birds

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stuff, and has practically the same percent- cuticle properly planted on fresh wounds

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case, are only equalled by the extent of the popular credulity. I believe

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§ 127. History. Although this condition or disease has

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employed, one ought to inquire, not what is the result of its

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ness which, in a short time, is complete and the dog manages

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has a dual pathology; associated with the to the exigencies of the case. Infants of

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I now present to you a very useful, if not a ultra conservatism or the rhapsodical fan-

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Law. Tuberculosis in cattle and its control. Bui. 150. Cornell. 1898.

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peutic agent, and the fact that certain animals recover when

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The number varies according to the excited condition of the

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large cavities the results varied, an apyretic icine under different forms. In three cases

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the breasts may not be developed beyond stare was not noticed. It certainly was ab-

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tumor-growths which have some of the characters of actinomy-

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tomico-pathological changes found by him as characteristic,

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(thoiigli sucli a supposition will, we venture to say, appear

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the other hand, we may often effect a perfect cure of epileptic

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which should receive special attention are cerebro- spinal men-

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In the absence of a suitable microscope the differentiation

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sary to the production of true epileptic convulsions; implied from

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speedily an opportunity of putting it to the test, for he was sent

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ether for a half hour. The resulting prep- distinction to the physiological form, this

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suitable depletion. Ergot rarely fails to act, and act favorably, upofl the

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and second stages of the lever witli the happiest results, although

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the constituents of cells and tissue will not queutly, perhaps usually, the case, it is

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is found in the fact that the infectious microorganisms were

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currences observed within a like period of matous degeneration of healthy tissues has

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sion of the tongue. Auscultation reveals modified and abnor-

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