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Dr. Herman (in reply) said uncomplicated retroversion or

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bridge ; Dr. J. Segar, Southport ; Mr. W. St. C. Symniers, Birmingham ;

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•sore the size of a shilling, the base of which was hard and

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dical College, Chicago, and subsequently Professor of the

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separate paragraph has been assigned to each, wlio therefore

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It was most probable that Mr. Lawson Tait, speaking of

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attempted, are made clear by the articles in question. Better

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same period being 19.6 in London and 28.9 in Edinburgh. The 179 deaths

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at the Sheffield Infirmary recently the House-Surgeon (Dr.

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that there were among his 20specimens, 18 which showed no

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Committee of the Royal Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons

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not quite defunct." Mr. Wadd concludes his memoir by saying : "The

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3 c.c.) of sterilised broth is introduced into the agar tube

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theory of the origin of choleraic infection before a special

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%* We have little doubt that if the six years rule is abrogated, the

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St. Faith's Union, has been awarded the grant for the second

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expresses the hope that this legal restriction on early treatment in the

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mittee of Journal and Finance. 4.30 p.m. Parliamentary Bills

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round the soft palate the vegetations could be felt in the naso-

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points to be investigated ; and it must not be considered a

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