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of alum and borax makes a curative injection in vaginal leu-

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acterized by the deposit of a pinkish-colored sediment in the

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cific for this troublesome affection. It should be given in small doses,

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from living in swampy, malarial places. Or it may result

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fantum it 'acts like a charm.' No one who has used the tritura-

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Boston, having been advised, according to her statement,

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proper food. In this country, where food is abundant, it is not

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may be obtained in a similar manner, and by removing the cerebral

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moment of pasteurization until its use. In view also of the fact that

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He took no interest in marks : he mastered subjects.

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In chronic bronchitis and in pertussis it has been favorably recom-

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pendent, hepatic dullness corresponds to the ninth intercostal

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and usually with modifying results. Irritable conditions of the

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Dose. — Fluid extract, 5 to 30 drops ; specific medicine, 5 to

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paves the way for the doing of something else, and this again

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during the night, and died forty hours after the operation.

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ever character, or wherever located. It inhibits excessive nerve

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which has never known dishonor is about to be rent in

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crotys will likewise bring relief in some instances to the sufferer

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metritis, uterine hypertrophy, and sub-involution. . Hepatic and

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affords much relief, and in congestion of the bowels, accompanied

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sorption and diffusion of the bile through -the whole sys-

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pulse varying from 140 to 168. On second day pulse 100 all

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honor of having first performed coredialysis, or the opera-

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when the milk is on ice; and the growth appears during the period of

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