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acid dyspepsia they are to constipation. This diar-
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after examination, a Fellow of the Eoyal College of
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agriculturalists, and without pledging the public to
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ture that foreign bodies change their places, giving
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came less urgent, set about the work of repair, which
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in the first place drawn up by one of the Directors
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nuded bone or surrounding it with tinfoil, I obtained
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As a fitting sequel to tliis case, counsel appeai-ed
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So something of the prognosis may be determined by the symp-
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Or a mixture of common tar with a due proportion of
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Professor Syme. The next object for which this Asso-
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In a case in which these questions arise apparently
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not formed from any liistorical study of the recorded
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perfect security rely upon these characters ; and the
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ease, the greater ease in making a diagnosis, the use of aseptic
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I. Dictionary of Science. Art, etc. Part vii. London: 1866.
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to have lost some portion of its activity ; the pheno-
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it will take place without fault in the surgeon. Of
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sence of a bean in the left bronchus ; in this child,
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current of the blood and mav exist to considerable extent at times
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monia in the products of ulcerative endocarditis in the course of
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taining access to the larynx through section of the
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Queen's College held a meeting on Tuesday last, for
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heart is paralyzed outright. The individual may succumb to heart
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sation of burning heat in the epigastric region ; great
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active febrile excitement pass away, and suppuration
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heat sensitivity due to baclofen
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our jierception of facts ; leading some surgeons to
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a mortality of 78, being 1 in 3.7 ; while the average

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