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was proposed for membership at the last meeting, be recorded

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origin and there is no history of trauma. It is not to be enter-


in an airtight Novy jar or desiccator, the air in the container is

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tions in beef bouillon, rendered alkaline with sodium chloride, of colourless,

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tion medium and mix with a drop of 0.04 percent aqueous

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In chickenpox, the spots come out in successive crops, and the fever is

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aid his patient towards recovery, to assuage his suffering, and to prevent or

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o'clock, pulse, while seated, 72 ; after walking about the room it

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of mosquito abundance at Army posts and to check on the effec-

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though there is some evidence that G. lamblia is some-

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and (2) inhibition of coagulation. A third factor is histolysis or tissue

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Inco-ordination is a prominent feature, but sensory impairment

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quently recall his experiences. Sometimes his recollections are

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T wave in Lead II. The initial ventricular deflections were of

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varieties produce an offensive putrefactive odor. Several species

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others, known as threshold substances, are reabsorbed in varying

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e.g. haemorrhages, leukaemia, pernicious anaemia, and carbon monoxide poisoning ;

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located, if possible, on a plateau of the curve of optical density

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bidity decreasing at higher temperatures and reappear-

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each with 10 ml portions of the water sample. Label

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its identification is liable to be more difficult by reason of its resemblance

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do well to make themselves acquainted with its contents, that

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discharged the day after entrance, having entered merely for a

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ing, wash the cup and plunger with water and then dry

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tion, and so on. The statement that the accumulation of fat is due either to over-

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perature, 100.7; evening, 103.3. Treatment: Bryonia, 3 G , low

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obliged to resort to standard text-books of the old school, and

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very comfortable. The effect is almost as striking as the effect

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epidemic of 1889-90, belonged to this class. The patient was seized on

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probable or possible prognosis of a case, for it teaches the reactions of the

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A Successful Case of Transfusion. — A case was reported in the Obstetric

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identification of Salmonella cultures. The following brief descrip-

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with blood or serum as above. It must be remembered that serum

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susceptible to heat and the usual chemical disinfectants. There are

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merically in accordance with the following. The tube

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variation in shape of successive QRS complexes. Probably ectopic beat in

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coccus can be kept for a long time in vegetative form on gelatin in a refrigerator,

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tained better when the rehydrated stock virus is main-

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