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m the bottom of this Flower , with that part of the

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fpeCt to Heat or Cold, and dry in the firft Degree ♦,

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I have known feveral perfectly reltored out of very

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Tho’. it has all the Virtues of Juice , Ejfence ,

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least to have suspected the existence of that disease the very

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The second question in regard to pneumonia being a general


of Tilly Co nv ally half an Ounce , Pouder of the Leaves

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200 मिलीग्राम cyclospasmol

though this fact need not in any way confuse the diagnosis.

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two weeks, and his symptoms had entirely disappeared. I have un-

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Countries, as in Barbary, Candy, Italy, Provence in

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It is profitable alio againft the Stinging and Biting*

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cal statistics of the United States Army prepared by Surgeon

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ing held in the Mouth, abfolutely Cures the Tooth -

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G redeline Gilliflower. It is a very neat and hand-

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and is effectual in the cure ot the Yellow Jaundice.

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and ufed it inftead of Squills in Tberiaca but this

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roundijh like them, but very much lefs : from amidft

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The Stalk is for the moft part near a hoot high, and

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StruempelP in 1884, Pierre Marie ^ in 1885, Medin^ in 1890,

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In 1892 no progress was reported on account of the legisla-

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ance. These rhythmical movements are performed continuously from

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anointed On the Eyes, it clears and (harpens the Sight,

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megs, Dill Seed in Pouder , of each one Ounce: Saf-

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logical elements of climate on chronic diseases of the lungs,

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Head for fpringing in it, is ficarcely to be dffcerneJ.

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mon Horehound, and a little dented about the edges;

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former - which fends forth feveral Stalks, with ma-

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Greek , O' ’Oei>»©- : in l, mine. Origanum :

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Creticus, f/nelling join c thing quick, and of an excel-

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its Smell, which is very like to that of the Indian

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