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a well-considered dietary. The advent of acute disease or some dis-
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Fig. 1 (Case 1 ).— Electrocardiogram of V. W., showing transient auricular
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it should be noted that the differences between the sexes still exists,
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1912. Whether this dysentery was or was not a manifestation of pellagra is
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of it in November, 1912. Her husband, generally of good health, developed
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thyroidectomy there is an increased elimination of lime with a resulting
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elapsed since treatment was stopped and the patient has been free from
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It is obvious from these figures that the degree of accuracy attained
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tom of myxcedema and is as well as she could be, both in mind and
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gradually increased to a strength of from twenty to thirty milliam-
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cytes and probably most of the nonoxydase, large mononuclears of the
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evident in people of spare build, in cases of anaemia, and in dyspepsia
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in the lungs, with retardation of circulation, interferes with aeration
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duction from protein can be attached to this work for reasons to be
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and chloroform, though the older authorities were very timid in the
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heart tonic, will often bridge a patient over a collapse and secure a
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Quincke: Archiv far klinische Medicin, xvi., p. 121.
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12. Norris : Blood Pressure, Its Clinical Applications, Philadelphia, Lea &
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coma, etc., and attributes them to changes in the brain. Payr, 8 1899,
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transformation in this case is fibrous but not calcareous. In some
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3. Sollmann, Hanzlik and Pilcher : Jour. Pharmacol, and Exper. Therap.,
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of the pellagrous whites are insane." And Singer"' finds that, in 1912,
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of the drugs used in this work and the possibility of like concentrations
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tion of the nitroglycerin, the iodides in combination with the cardiac
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to the toes with cramps and weakness or paralysis of the muscles.
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sino-auricular rhythm to the induced atrioventricular rhythm, during
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each sex are based, represent, of course, only one-half the total number
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reduction in the automaticity of this region, caused perhaps by partial
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used a common drinking cup. Pellagrin 448, F. D., aged 36, developed pellagra
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stenosis, duskiness, venous distention, and cyanosis. Hence also
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projection fibers, enter into the formation of the posterior segment of
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to justify a continuation of the treatment and to find in what propor-
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The dog had a slight icteric hue to the conjunctiva, but the icterus
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albuminuria persists and there are casts in the urine, the prognosis
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All authors agree that the calcium deficiency is marked in cases of
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