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ease. In certain cases it is absent throughout the greater portion of their

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and excessive vomiting, urgent diarrhea, etc. Perhaps the most fre-

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The probable length of time the patient should rest can only

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tion, which also increases it ; (<Z) the first douche is the most effective.

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Sports have always been successful at LSUMC, and under the

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also now occur. In this stage the tongue becomes dry, brown, or even

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spray. They say that I invented the polygraph. That was the

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sion in Delaware — Country Doctors — A. Conan Doyle — Ian Mac-

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lated on this, they outgrow all other organisms that may be present, and

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complicated apparatus, and surgeons are every day beginning

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suffering from live to six seminal emissions weekly, which exhausted him so that

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tending to the smaller bronchi is common from the irritation of aspi-

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inoculation with their contents. The specific poison has not been satis-

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show cloudy swelling, and occasionally nephritis develops, although not

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tion, because it has not been understood that the application is very

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three half-grain doses : on the third, live or six half-grain doses,

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the disease increases with increasing j-ears. Indeed, it may be said that,

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perience with a warm bath followed by such a cold spray was obtained

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prevent the recurrence of the disease de novo. When medicinal, die-

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assists in producing reaction even in feeble individuals. But it should

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assume various shapes, chiefly rounded and polygonal ; they have vesic-

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begins as a polyarthritis, with subsequent fixation in one articulation.

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clean, but there appeared to be plenty of harbor for rats, mice,

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approached by an exarficulation, which jireserves the full length

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was of a severe tvpe — verv ]ininoiiiiccil. hollow cough — ami oftt'ii

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The result aimed at must, however, be clearly before the physician.

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competent and intelligent assistants, a surgeon can do almost

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entific, chimerical, and opposed to the simplest laws of physiology

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White potatoes are, I think, a much-abused vegetable.

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passages is so altered as to become more susceptible to infection with the

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action and nerve tone, and their resumption by improvement, dur-

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