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crossed in a linear manner. The narrowness of the capsular
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tion of the lens), it was necessary to withdraw the speculum and
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ing daughter, was residing. It was during this visit to J
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there may be catarrhal affections of the pharynx, larynx, stomach, or intes-
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found in all sorts of locations. The most important of these hemorrhages are
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tion, and thermometric indications, rules for disinfection from
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for the further study of the branch of medicine in which he hoped
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go to the seashore or to the mountains, at least to high ground
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diseases, as well as of severe and fatal cases. It is probable that epi-
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I considered this an excellent case for operation. After the
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compression, are the general signs to which sometimes are
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having a statue erected to his memory. 1 say " |>eculiar i
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may easily escape notice. In some few cases the only symptoms at first are
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1897, and on July 5, 1899, Dr. Haynes married (second) Laura C.
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Resolved, That in thus expressing its feeling, this society desires to extend its
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103 1°; mixed bronchial and vesicular murmurs at base of left
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reddish watery matter ; frequent regurgitation of watery blood
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splinters, that are few in number, narrow, triangular, or
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The larger fragments of shrapnel are supplied by the
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means of these inventions, he soon disposed of large quantities
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thought is here " substantiated " by the publication of a clinical
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into the causes and treatment of typhoid fever, and even early in his
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tion ; less than twenty-four pages, out of the hundred and thirty-
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discuss the fruit, ^nd the latest news of Cjesarean section
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it is confined to one of the abdominal divisions or to one
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sent, forgetting that in so doing they can never intelligently or
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windpipe' in December, 1659, ^ pleased God to take them all
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If the line of the neck be carried backwards, we make
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monographs and the like upon matters relating to his research and
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supervision. All transport is to be avoided, especially if
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tonine, first decimal dilution, be administered every morning, fast-
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define this place may be among the good results of the present
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one of the finest sections of the city of Oakland, on the
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The president, C. L. Nichols, M.D., called the meeting to
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manufacturer of casodex
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study of medicine at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New

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