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question whether this is always rheumatism or not ; for it may be

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Studied. — Rabbits were inoculated intraperitoneally with cultures

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pressure and congestion in the veins and lungs. Two or three hours

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prolonged mastication which the dry crust demands, than with the briefer

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tongue being very much furred, moist, breath foul, and slight pain

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with only a reasonable amount of care. i| to 2-inch stone may

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decide the possibility of medico-legal application of the anaphj-laxis reaction for the

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8. Inasmuch as it is evident from these investigations that

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in 1819, when the 14th Regiment was attacked on the 8th August,

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numerous works, but could find no notice taken of puerperal tetanus,

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within the same period (12 days). Tabulated results by Dr Lori-

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almost void of population, and without the usual channels of com-

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loss of power or co-ordination or sensation, as it is induced by the

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alkaline (0.5 per cent to phenolphthalein) broth containing i per

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(3.) That several of these hernias may exist in the same patient,

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Because of the fact that the dog had rabies infection with the

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Article I. — On the Construction of Hospitals. By Dr Watson

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the hands and arms of washerwomen ; it may, however, be made a

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Any difference in the results obtained in lactose bile compared

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There are two other factors which will help to explain these per-

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intelligibly to other beings of its class ; the other, whatever it may

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added after cooling. This acid drink should be taken little by little

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is no display of dogmatism, but his opinions are supported by fairly-

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that he gave the fatal bite. It struck the dog twice in the hind-leg,

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had been treated with arsenic, belladonna. Calabar bean, zinc, and

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In the case of very large nodules such as those which formed

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is kept in the bottom of the box and, further to insure moisture,

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phagocytosis may be slightly less marked, something of a hair-spitting distinction,

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D'autre part le trypanosome me parait differer notablement du

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