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or from tuberculosis of the lungs or other organs. The dura

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pressure of the enlarging womb upon the lower bowel. This

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inal neuralgia and other authors speak of neuralgic pains in the

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essential to the successful operation of a phvsiological

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feet high with long petiolate cordate ovate and serrate smooth leaves pendulous ovate

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of the usual dose of gr. have recently proved success

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K intake. Associated widened QRS complex or arrhythmia requires

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in an agreeable syrap but Rabelais his immediate attendant

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severe facial neuralgia reaching the ganglion by turning up the

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noted extends not over a definite but an indefinite

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year. Hereditary influence appears most powerfully on the mother s side.

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bowels were kept open by the magnes. sulph. from six to

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The cord at birth in a healthy infant reaches only to the

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of relationship between simple benign anemia and chlorosis nor is the

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crease continued the use of mild local applications and gave

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tuberculosis among the Indians of to day may be present in the

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centrahzed system of health regulation and administration a tendency

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inquired. She gave no direct answer but continued to groan

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attendance until it is removed nor can the patient be considered exempt

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hirty having several chancroids and severe balanitis. A few

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