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second week. In our experience, however, it is by far the most accurate

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broth media and permit effective growth of anaerobes.

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containing increased carbon dioxide, which affects the

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materially benefited by extracts of the thyroid gland. There is,

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large quantity of hot tea, gruel, or other slops, because it will invariably increase the

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position 2 until the mercury surface in the bulb is above

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1 :10,000 crystalline merthiolate which will be supplied

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desired degree, and then used for the purpose of vaccination. It may be

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production of heat, light, chemical force, or mechanical power, or in the transmission

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pathologist, occurs only in certain higher animals in which there is a blood

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As the pulse continued inordinately high during the next day,

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Desquamation.— There is but little peeling in rubella. In several of my

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mesenteric glands are liable to be engaged, simulating tabes mesenterica.

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and palate. Where the false membrane has separated before death, there

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1-liter flask* Fill the flask, mix, adjust for concen-

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of the average bacterium; many strains survive 60° C. for 30

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flask with asbestos, so that hot gases from the flame will not

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end of the catheter to the orifice. A small blunt hook was in-

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dance during the hay-fever season, or to which the patient is

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may be prescribed in combination with one or more of the bromides. The

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both antitoxic and antibacterial, it is much more difficult to protect against a

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cult, and is usually not attempted in the routine laboratory unless

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of the disease in other parts of the body should be obtained.

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is due generally to the group I, rarely the group // alpha, meningo-

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several essays, and to one of these, on Scarlatina, a prize was awarded by the Con-

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