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paroxysms more or less contracture of the affected muscles may persist,
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cranial dura mater will lead to fatal intracranial pressure, and a dermoid
how to get paxil out of your system faster
what is better for anxiety paxil or zoloft
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Statistical Evidence. — The evidence of the mortality tables of the
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especially in conjunction with an artificially produced toxsemic condition.
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muscle. This method the writer first learned from James Collier.
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bacilli from a bovine source were more virulent than those from a human
does paroxetine raise blood pressure
aurium ; if the exhaustion is complicated with torpor — a torpor occa-
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preliminary ligature of the Unguals or temporary occlusion of the external carotids
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(4) Abscess of the pulp (Fig. 7) has already been mentioned as a sequence
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services testify. — At the last accounts. Dr. Warren, of Boston, now
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a successful operation for the removal of an ovarian tumor. The patient,
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commends the acetate of lead as a remedy in cases of violent salivation.
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Supra-Eenals. — In Addison's disease the prevailing anatomical feature
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43 patients who died of other chronic diseases, tubercles were found in
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are carried to the lungs, setting up tuberculosis there. They may pass
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present in one-third of the cases. This has led Escherich to go so far as
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dental operations. It may be described as electrical diffusion of fluids
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formed the operation with complete success. Their method oonsisis m
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the anterior abdominal wall with protrusion of the viscera are commonly
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circles should be gradually increased until the fullest range of sweep permissible
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contractions, and other untoward effects have followed the needless division
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sounds. They tend to become weak as the heart progresses, and, it being a
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on the cost of importation. A splendid lot of Swedish leeches have
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mobility it may be successfully treated by rolling ; and even when in a normal
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Ilkley in Yorkshire is a similar recruiting place for the inhabitants of
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ultimately raise him to usefulness and honor, the author of this barbarous
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