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says that its use has often been favorably noticed in the

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although government-sponsored bioethics entities have disappeared m this country,

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and by the ligature, the excision, the suture, all have

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monia. The capsule, the brown color of old cultures, the nail-

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After the age of thirty the mortality from this disease in-

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the fever was violent; there was fear that we had to do

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posure to bad air, exhausting mental or physical labor, sexual

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The Secretary then stated that Dr. W. G. Russell had been

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mel and corrosive sublimate is effected through the chlorine in

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in the fluid. By repeated attempts no cultivations can be made

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"and we maintain that wherever it is proper to intro-

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shows. There are only two publications of Sir Charles

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minute. Opium, quinine, wine, ether, etc., were gener-

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the same manner. The bladder is incised on its anterior

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The histories of the cases I now present to you are as fol-

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the arms and legs in succession twitched violently. This

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time. The left arm lies withered by his side, atro-

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At 8 o'clock the Association adjourned to the lower hall,

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The New York County Medical Association, during the first

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faction and elimination of the exudate to be regularly un-

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the entirely too prolonged administration of antimony.

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the editor of this Journal, with the holding of the pres-

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piricism ; to afford every encouragement and facility for the

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organization of public hearings. The forcing clause in the legislation was of crucial

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Heteradelphia, case of — operation by the ecraseur,

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At the present time the belief is general that many

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marked prominence ; can not walk without the brace he is now

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1867, explained his method and gave it as his opinion

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taining a paper of "inquiries upon hospital gangrene."

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cision, after the manner of Schroeder's operation, I failed to re-

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cilostazol belongs to which drug class quizlet

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Inversion is the turning of the uterus inside out, by the

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tions, ancient or modern, large or small, prose or poetry,

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firmly adhering ; but electrolysis succeeded beyond expectation,

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Report in accordance with a resolution passed at the

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liad refused to promote on the plea that " he had no

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Hannan, James C, Hoosick Falls, Rensselaer Co. Founder.

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