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perhaps a very few tube casts. Albuminuria may also occur simply as the
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of healthy individuals, and of healthy animals, that excrete uric acid.
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which are exollofes, is as follows. " Firfl, aip the
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over-flock a pafture with cattle ; becaufe thegreateft
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the administration. When the desired amount of the salt has been ad-
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alkaline reaction in the vagina, and, in approximately 50 per
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of the number of the wounded this primary fixation must not only
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in children who are still-born or die shortly after birth. The organ is
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started. Half an hour after the first application the pain ceased and did
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and its upper and inner borders are sharp. It is commonly oval in
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remittent, typho-adynamic, and pernicious fevers. The pernicious fevers
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the organ, or, it may be, hyperacidity, due to excess of hydrochloric acid ;
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has been diflblved, in order to preferve the fluidity
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always some additional unknown factor in the causation. The following
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stomach contractions. It may be present, not only when there is stenosis
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These patients, as a rule, have no relief from iN niche.-, or
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If there is constipation it must be relieved. A useful pill in ordinary
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food, later on of food which shows no sign of digestion. The liquids
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V lb that, on the whole, they are not equal to Jerfey.
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the rule, less commonly there is diarrhoea. Peritonitis is frequent, but
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Borel, (Mr.) his remarks on the fmall-pox in flieep, 383^-r^
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to the colour of the bird of that name, has a dirty
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being convicted of the most heinous sin. The author of Ec«lesi-
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At intervals along the superficial lymphatics there are tumours, at first
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which appeared to be an example of the special variety which occurs in
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the periods were twenty-nine, forty-seven, and fifty -nine days respectively.
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while in intoxication symptoms develop almost immediately. The circum-
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right groin will often prove of great service. Opium must usually be
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but do not necessarily lead into the lumen. In rare cases, again, there
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will, by this means, be driven out, and the cure will
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pneumonic abscess or gangrene of the lung ; and there may be no direct
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as good a drelfing as any for the fcarifications ; and
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granulations as already described, is another early affection. The pyriform
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greatly assists in coming to a decision, as one can, as a rule, easily trace
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the Red Sea, from June to November, has a deservedly evil reputation in
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fcorings are quite grown out, and the horfe is taken
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from acute yellow atrophy, to which it bears no relation. The liver is
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operation is more urgently indicated, when chronic glaucoma is diagnosed
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to be desperate the diagnosis of pyloric stenosis should be made at once
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suggest that there is some special micro-organism responsible for the
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children born of affected parents dying largely from phthisis, and we have

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