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depression of functions which occurs in those who lead a sedentary life, with
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In both sexes, the interior vessels can readily be seen shining through the
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with in the ileum, but most frequently occurs in the caecum, giving rise to
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culosis, violent coughing, shock from a blow on the epigastrium.
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tuberculous joints seem sometimes to set up a general tuberculosis,
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The details germane to these methods of treatment in each instance need
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its administration the craving for alcohol diminishes, so that in a few
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club-shaped, and is unarmed, having a punctiform mouth at its centre.
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fedock-joint, the paflern, the coronet, and the feet
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■' Hints on Rural Health Adniiuistration."" — -T. W. S. AIc-
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on at Augflburg, declares the diftemper of the cattle
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and Carrel has made a great contribution to their treatment. It

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