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night then place in salt solution. After the grafting is completed

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advise against the use of silk as it is apt to lead

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powerful supplementary aid to the gravitory law. If there are

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around each half of the cord and are crossed tightened and

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later stages of the disease especially when given upon an

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positors from a hygienic point of view. Zemsk. Vrach

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across its field of vision but later on absolute blindness set in.

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meal which must be eaten hastily. This fact creates

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finger in that portion of the throat it is extremely difficult

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allusion to this matter is purely incidental to a dispute between

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repeated by Kaltenbach of a preliminary vaginal douche in the begin

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a specific nature. They occur by preference or solely in syphilitics

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bean the product of a tree of tlie family StcrcuUacew and botan

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parations. Digestive troubles neurasthenia and dilatation of the

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to assist the doctor in counseling the patient. Abstract

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are confined to the lower portion of the large intestine while in severe

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a premonition that the inconsistancy of the reaction might depend

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nia. It is a powerful agent and should be cautiously used.

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will determine that individua l private treatment for the general classes of the

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takes place an excessive production of glucose as indicated in the urine

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great precautions in proliferating glandular cystomata of small

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surface in other cases they coalesce into uniform patches of considerable

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of croton oil but without the presence of dermatitis.

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The exu hite in all Avas largely composed of polymorphonuclear

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