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a chair. The knee jerk is present almost equally in both and
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dence of hemiplegia. In apoplexy there is conjugate devia
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of iodine iodine ointment amp c. The capillaries may also be caused to
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their actions are irregular or spasmodic. But the actions referred
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zation of the German universities to the untiring zeal
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The internal secretion a remarkable product is entirely
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treated very nicely by cleaning ofif the surface of the wound and then
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The vast store of knowledge gleaned by laborers in the field is
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in its function it being the true digestive stomach. It is
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Germany and France have produced several almost perfect
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sary modified and pushing up the fundus in front with cotton thus
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be wiser to operate early upon such subjects and not wait
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The following list includes adverse reactions not reported with
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leaving this subject as it sometimes happens that a
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of the tarsus was unimproved as the result of a partial op
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births in Prussia being in the average proportion of to. males. A
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are independent where contained within the tissues and encapsuled
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changes in the gray matter about the posterior nerve
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follows as the patient s apprehension disappears such are the ordinary
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inflammation of the middle ear during a new tubercu
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Operation for Ventral Hernia after Laparotomy by Dr. James R.
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from ossification or other morbid change and in these cases
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Dr. Dillon Brown presented some statistical records of in
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was wont to run out into the court yard barking an alarum
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obliged to sit by tlie patient making pressure with the finger for
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would not have seemed possible. We are gratified also to
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and as an antiseptic for the urinary apparatus. As a
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modern times but which had been so completely eradicated in these countries as
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of the Infants Hospital. Especial instruction will be given at the Massa
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several interesting cases in which when a ureter was
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of the prostate gland it treatment and radical cure.
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twenty four hours when the acute symptoms are reduced the patient
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required in the carbonizing process. From a number of experiments
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canoes and boats to some distance inland westward from all
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tition and in children the dejections are often manifestly lienteric showing
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this technique it would seem for reasons already stated that small
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Poore finds that the muscles subjected to prolonged strain are more
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and abdominal cramps. Fatal poisoning usually terminates in
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encounters the ileo caecal valve and progress here is very much slower
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imagination on the patient s part as some have suggested neither
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Hill County Medical Association. Officers and members not re
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until on the twenty fifth day it became normal and remained
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These observations indicate why it is that infections in the parti
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of Bolauy St. Louis. Annual rexiort of the director
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thus considers that no decomposition takes place. M. Mai
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fever a wandering pain is perceived fixing its feat

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