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these tests will follow closely the physical order which

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D. A. Russell, Wyoming, for duty at Camp E. S. Otis,

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mental biology. .Associates : W. A. Jacobs, biological

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cretions are wonderfully accurate representations of certain seeds and fruit-

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the length of six inches. An affluent vein of the size of a crow-quill

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possibility of completely removing the infection in

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for numerous data furnished, and also especially to Drs. Tillinghast

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the lung is the part which is usually first affected

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ease. In support of this proposition may be cited : (1) that blood-serum

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livered at term : the one had no sequela;, while in

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nearly always be arrived at, as to the location and

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uation decided upon is at Pennsylvania and Livonia Ave-

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Bates. — In Baltimore, on Friday, July 8th, Dr. J. W. P.

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cocaine under the same circumstances. After small doses subcutancously

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distasteful by the time recess occurs. The pies and buns which can be

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probably come to realize more and more the operation of these factors

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enlarged to be felt on palpation. I thought of the possibility of tuber-

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recourse to the summary process of nephrectomy, which, after all,

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is eurax effective against scabies

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have a markedly pellagrous skin, the others are per-

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a matter of fact, from the time following the second in-

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weight, staining and even pigmentation of the skin,

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narotidiiis had dexeloped. We operated on the thirteenth

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been conclusively shown that these cells can pick up foreign particles

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whence comes this fitness. Has the fitness those attributes of relative

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the fourth day. Albuminuria is sometimes observed, but is slight and of

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lected for the patient should be as far distant from

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mav appear to be struggling for freedom. With blood containing a

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and the alien, which a two year old child should be

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