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3. Die Anatomie des Menschen, 1863, Bd. II, Abt. II, p. 385.

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has strengthened the opinion that mesaortitis is brought about in the

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fowl which simulates very closely human leuksemia. The analogy

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send for the inspector or to wait while the inspector returns to his

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a study made of the bacilli obtained from different portions of the

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it is sometimes dangerous, as when the local butcher's supplies are

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bam. Milk scales, record sheets, milk stools, etc., may also be kept

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pensary are needed. First aid treatment of illnesses

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if the tubercle bacilli found in Nos. 8 and 9 were originally of the

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pati.-nts with lyplmi.! \'v\r\- iiiav I..' maintain. •(! in nit r..<j.' ..ini-

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