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art and science of obstetrics in a systematic manner, with the

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1885.] Connecticut Homoeopathic Medical Society. 369

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how potencies above the twelfth centesimal could contain drug

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temperature) the joint must be incised laterally, following the

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with a localized, well circumscribed, small, hard tumour

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hospital is surrounded. We are especially glad to men-

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gard at the first battle of Bull Run, and continued in the

about levothyroxine treatment

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not without interest to us heretics, who, by advocating the mon-

levothyroxine and sertraline interactions causing myoclonus

man of the committee on special schools. Dr. Haupt is a literateur

synthroid and impaired fertlity

serve as a guide to the student and young practitioner, as

synthroid and impotence

tended over several weeks, fared no better, and I was thankful

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history of her symptoms was obtained, which led me to suspect

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dissected out the entire sac which contained a living child,

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in 1895. He pursued post-graduate courses in the New York Uni-

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showing firstly the number of times each symptom occurred in

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successful in the management of children unless we make sure

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of Kilpatrick, Custer and Sheridan. He was under fire for the last

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possible before the patient has recovered from his condition of

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phrase, whether it is not only determined, but pre-determined,

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the nurse observed her putting her finger to her face, as if to

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