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They must be distinguished from the "extracellular" poisons formed

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succession. The interval of apparent health is probably often filled, not

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lingering hours while life and function are slowly waning. Death may

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the effect and the return of the pyrexia is attended by a corresponding

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performed by others, showing that by chemical vaccination we may confer

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posterior part of the edge of the fistula, and pushes this instrument,

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were Sidney Martin's investigations on abrin, which he also proved to

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the vessels of Graeff can be distinguished with the utmost facility; here

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in an unstained condition the bacilli are more easily, and certainly more

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Catamenial Irregularities. — These are frequently treated at hydro-

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authorities assert that there are several such centres in India; the

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exudation of fluid from the blood or to wide-spread diapedesis of leuco-

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to him supported by the consideration that in relapsing fever the efiicient

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the appointed time. Antiseptic compresses are often ordered to the

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safely employed in enteric fever. There is no routine treatment in any

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when it accumulates in the system, and the experiments of Jorge, at Leip-

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was built about fifty years ago by Virchow and his immediate prede-

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about the epiglottis and ary-epiglottic folds may suffer in like manner.

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(cj Of the Spring and Strap-attachment^-^The endless varieties of

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the blood-vessels, especially of the capillaries and veins, but also of the

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stantly, and to use weak antiseptic gargles frequently. Sometimes, on the

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badly, and there were plenty of sibilant rhonchi and rales, a state of

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when the process is mild, or when it is coming to a standstill, a large

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very scanty for the first six months of life, and does not acquire its full

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— a connective tissue proliferation immediately below the endothelium

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Edinburgh ; Clymer, New York ; Clark, New York ; Parry, Philadelphia, wrote on

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istry and physics, led, during the seventeenth century, to the formation

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harmless to the more refractory mouse, is still harmful to the more sus-

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fungus itself. From this mycelial network there extend other filaments

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were found in the same section at no frreat distance from one another. Fig-. 6 rejiresents a large

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by any means complete ; the higher ridges of the Alps are too far re-

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