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direct association of the two changes will probably be con-

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circumstances, did not aggravate, but diminished its violence. Ac-

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series or rows, and the contractile striated substance is deve*

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rious; 2, it may be taken in more certain and definite quantities; 3, its effects

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measurable character, and it is conceivable that violent injury to

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red rubber catheter No. 1 2) for babies and children, or

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and illustrated by anecdotical and biographical Notes, from manuscipt and other

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previous portion of his woric. Hypochondriasis and epileptic

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Upwards of 10,000 deaths, it has been said, occurred among a

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lated by Frerichs. In this case the choreic movements existed dttbiko blesp.*

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tained) may be taken — foi an adult half a teaspoonful in

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(at which breathing must be resumed) is less. When it

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Flatulency is the name given to gas or, rather, excess

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of the human mind as exhibited in history. In employing this

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among the older doctors. A baby can't stretch himself

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the case, and showed it to be identical with the others here recorded.

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as useful and interesting as any portion of the work.

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or erect posture. When no important lesion is discoverable, as

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editions by adding chapters and sections on subjects not hitherto treated of. And,

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the inner eye. As marked changes may occur at the back of the

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artery. Some well written observations on this subject may be found in

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It is pleasant to find the conclusions drawn by our surgeon general, in rela-

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about a line, and had its back directed towards the median line. Having re-

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openings that the air cannot obtain admittance to the cavity, are never produc-

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almost invariably become panicky when it is proposed

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3. Ramollissement of the brain occurs in connection with diseases of the


more deeply than the prominent flexion ; more extended observa-

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periodicals are calculated to serve, in a far higher degree than is possible for


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TrailVs MedicalJurispnidence. — Messrs. Lea & Blanchard have just published

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well, and he was seen on several subsequent occasions, but

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disappeared and the movements of the part have again returned.

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23rf. Took this morning eighteen grains. Much better; up and dressed;

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