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rapidly, the contenance appears pinched and shrunken with a leaden

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clusions of other observers and his own. In him, the

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on the 15th and went about as usual, saying nothing to any one about

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nearly complete, or quite complete suppression of urine. This may last for

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from tliose caused by it — pain and stiffness of the joints. The im-

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chlorosis, and disorders of menstruation are some of the causes of

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not attempt to discuss. It is sufficient to say that food should be

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wants of the College and to restore its efficiency.

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found pseudo-hypertrophic paralysis with any other disease. I ouglit

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baths are to be recommended. Chalybeate springs are seldom of ser-

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conditions the power of dealing with glucose is conspicuously lowered.

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•of the pharynx. It extends downward to the opening into the

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