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vermox for tapeworms
Physician to Out-Patients Chelsea Hospital for Women : Assistant
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which they are not described, so that it is not a mere over-
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(e) Ulceration, occurring from infection of wounds, as on
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take all these patients out of the hands of the " pay doctors "
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pound essence of linseed." That was, in fact, an article of
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Dr. Smallman Robson showed a man suffering from sym-
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the camp and training school had no mess, and it is needless to describe
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day in .Tune. It was resolved : " That, from the facts which have come to
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the office of Secretary to the Ophthalmological Society, and was
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and before the cord was well tied, the placenta, membranes
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Qperation. AVhether the baciUi found in tlie blood of tji^,
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the living but unborn ovum. He is already known as ex-
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the skin, which ultimately completely heals up. Guinea-
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the slightest inconvenience from the presence of the tumour.
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Cholera Hosj.itnU (Ireland) lUlL—This Bill passed through Committee,
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an earnest appeal to the Government of India to take steps to
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Thebes aux cents portes, les temples reoommcs de Teutyra. de Cernab,
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not it was their intention to ofl'er themselves for re-election,
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The practical Rules 5 and 6 were framed to avoid this
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which instruments I deprecate. Dr. Keyes, of New York, has
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subsequent Royal Warrants have not been extended to India
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prostate in these cases is frequently very large— it is veiy
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sions have been set up. With due care on the part of the
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houses by their representative otl'ered me the same case and asked two
mebendazole dose for tapeworms
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originally proposed by Thiersch, it should be regarded as a
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rich in nucleated cells behaved in a precisely similar way.
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Sir, — In view of the litigation now pending between the

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