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thin, and in many places detached from the subjacent surface. Here

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compounds precipitate codeine tannate. Alkalies, their car-

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severe attacks in an hour. She was lying in a state of coma, with

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muscles; the disease extended to the fore-arm, and, after some

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In November following he went to California; bore the voyage

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himself scarce. His daughter's husband, he said, possessed several

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Action Internal. — The action of hyoscyamus is a resul-

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occurs in part through the agency of the liver and in-

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diffusible stimulant is not so certain. The therapeutic

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of the reagents. This discrepancy is not likely to lead to ill re-

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ish slate color ; under surface engorged. Stomach — mucous mem-

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both, and they were themselves surprised and grieved to see such ex-

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iiig; in length and in breadth it shouhl somewhat exceed the diame-

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200, is mixed with sublimed sulphur, and heated in ;i cru-

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in the treatment of subacute and chronic rlieumatism, and in

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other reason, that this can often be done even in cases apparently

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Myrrh is thought to prove beneficial in ausemia, when

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have we found the water of adulteration to exceed this proportion,

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tliey have "on honor carefully examined Blank and find him fitted to

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Properties.-r-H.esi\j, colorless, rhombic crystals, or crys-

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but that she did not recognize him as a person she had seen before,

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ciation is called to lament the loss of a member whose large scientific attainments,

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last meeting, listened to a paper from M. Delbruck, which, if well founded, will up-

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considerable exertion ; but cases of "Procidentia" in its various forms

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method. The drug is contraindicated when there is impair-

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There is, in addition, an extra-diet kitchen, which is under the imme-

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are, first, Deafness of the right ear; second, Loss of sensibility of

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low ; the higher tissues, such as nerve or muscle, skin or cartilage,

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ed. On the following morning the patient felt very weak, but only

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already described (page 476.) The stump was quite handsomely

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even a dentist would furnish gold-foil, No. 4 or lighter, which would

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